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Counting cells using the Neubauer chamber (hemocytometer)

In the lab, cells need to be counted to seed a T75 flasks and four 6-well-plates for the next experiment.
A T75 flask with cells near to confluency was trypsinized and now we have 15 mL of cell suspension in a tube ready to be counted. To count the cells, we use the hemocytometer and a trypan blue solution. In a test tube we add 16uL of Trypan blue and 4 uL of cell suspension. From that test tube we add 10 uL into the hemocytometer chamber.
When we look at the microscope we count the following in the 4 out squares of the hemocytometer:
  • 47 cells alive in total
  • 3 cells dead in total

What is the % of viable cells?
(in %, value only)